About us

You are a satisfied customer when trompetty leaves the floor.

Trompetty was founded in 1995 and is still run by the Elsinghorst family. This hardworking Achterhoek family comes from the catering industry, where they have also managed to realize various smaller and larger events. All kinds of facilities were needed for these events, such as carpet. A separate branch within the company was set up for this, which eventually became so successful that in 1995 it was decided to say goodbye to the catering industry and to devote all attention to this carpet branch.


In the years that followed, many experiences richer, successfully supplied fairs and events, including the European Football Championship 2012 in Ukraine and Poland, the coolest track in the Netherlands in the Olympic stadium Amsterdam, and Ode to Beatrix, the next step was taken to meet the increasing demand. In 2010, a new business building (950 m²) was realized under our own management in Lichtenvoorde, directly on the N18. A commercial building that meets all new logistical wishes and conditions.


Larger business premises also provide greater opportunities. Trompetty is making progress both nationally and internationally. The growth is unstoppable. More and more companies know how to find Trompetty for both trade fairs and events, but also increasingly in the project market (retail, catering, schools, government agencies, etc.). As a result, the existing business premises have become too small, so another step was taken in 2018 to expand the existing accommodation by another 2,000 m². This brings the total to 2,950 m². This should give us the space to look forward to further growth in the coming years.


Trompetty doesn’t feel too big for anything. Whether it’s 100m² for a party, closing aisles for a major trade show, or laying vinyl for a local office. We are still the family business that puts our shoulders to the wheel. Trompetty stands for quality, appearance, flexibility, speed and working according to agreement.

When Trompetty leaves the floor, you are a satisfied customer.

The year 2020/2021 will be the year that Trompetty presents itself even more clearly as THE supplier for all ‘floorcovering solutions’ for both the event market, but now also for the project market. Trompetty is the specialist in laying floors, for both temporary and permanent locations. Both for the event market and the project market.